Video: A Champagne Harvest Visit

written by Amanda on 10/19/2011

Back in August, I was thrilled to travel to the Champagne region of France as a guest of the DC-based Center for Wine Origins to get a firsthand look at the grape harvest and wine-making process.

The Center for Wine Origins' focus is protecting the names of distinct wine regions around the world. During the trip, we heard from several winemakers who are none too pleased that the United States still doesn't fully protect the name Champagne.

Celebrity chefs and sommeliers have been taking up the cause, as well. At an event in New York City today, a letter signed by 60 international chefs and soms, including José Andrés, Michel Richard, Ferran Adria and Thomas Keller, was released to show support for a petition to protect wine place and origin.

And though there's really no way to capture the dreamy state brought on by a week of near-constant Champagne sipping, sun-drenched vineyards, languorous bread and cheese filled lunches and dinners (with more Champagne, naturellement), and insightful conversations with the region's top winemakers, that didn't stop me from putting together a short video to give you a peek inside the amazing trip. I hope you enjoy.



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