3 DC Chefs Land On Top Chef All-Stars

written by Amanda on 09/23/2010

DC represent! Bravo has announced that the first ever Top Chef All-Stars season will premiere Dec. 1, and after a lackluster season hosted in our backyard, DC fans will have something to cheer about with three local contestants.

Carla Hall of Alchemy Caterers, Mike Isabella who's opening a new Italian restaurant in Penn Quarter, and Spike Mendelsohn of Good Stuff Eatery and We, The Pizza will get a second shot at a Top Chef title in the new season. From the Top Chef DC season, Angelo Sosa and Tiffany Derry will take another shot.

The full all-star cast:

Elia Aboumrad; Season 2, final four 

Stephen Asprinio; Season 1, top five 

Richard Blais; Season 4 finalist

Jennifer Carroll; Season 6, final four 

Tiffany Derry; Season 7, top five 

Tiffani Faison; Season 1 finalist 

Carla Hall; Season 5 finalist 

Mike Isabella; Season 6, top seven 

Jamie Lauren; Season 5, top seven 

Dale Levitski; Season 3 finalist 

Antonia Lofaso; Season 4, final four 

Spike Mendelsohn; Season 4, top five 

Angelo Sosa; Season 7 finalist 

Dale Talde; Season 4, top six 

Casey Thompson; Season 3 finalist and Fan Favorite

Marcel Vigneron; Season 2 finalist 

Fabio Viviani; Season 5, final four and Fan Favorite 

Tre Wilcox; Season 3, top eight



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