DC Dish: David Guas

written by Amanda on 05/19/2011

DC Dish: Bayou Bakery's David Guas from Metrocurean on Vimeo.

Good friends know I'm an olive fiend. My fridge is never without a bowl of briny olives, and I eat at least one or two almost daily. It's like my multivitamin.

My affinity for New Orleans' famed muffuletta sandwich is only natural then. For an olive lover, what's not to love about thick bread soaked with oily, garlic-laced olive salad, cheese and meats? Done and done.

So I was thrilled to welcome chef David Guas of Arlington's Bayou Bakery into the Metrocurean studio where he spills the secrets to his version of the sandwich. He calls it a "muff-a-lotta" and you can score the recipe right here: Bayou Bakery's Muff-a-lotta.



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