5 Bites: Erica Meier

written by Amanda on 09/30/2011

Erica Meier has served as Compassion Over Killing's executive director since 2005, after having been actively involved as a volunteer since 2000. Vegan for nearly 20 years, Erica has been working in the animal protection field since college. Before working at COK, Erica spent several years as an animal control officer in DC where she rescued sick, stray and homeless animals and enforced anti-cruelty laws.

1. Vegan FF patty melt at Founding Farmers

2. Chili ‘n cheese dog at Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats

3. Jerk seared seitan at Great Sage

4. Vegan Tuscan chicken sandwich at My Little Bistro

5. Kale Infinity at The Vegetable Garden

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Rudy said...

The Kale Infinity is definitely on my list!

9/30/2011 8:02:42 PM EDT

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